About Me

Dan Falvey, MD

I was trained in Emergency Medicine and have worked in high acuity departments since finishing residency. I love being on the cutting edge of resuscitation and critical care, but the reality is only 5-10% of my time in the ER is spent taking care of truly sick patients. The rest of the time is spent managing chronic disease, and these are not something we are trained to focus on in emergency medicine.

As I have spent more time training in health optimization and personalized medicine, I have developed a renewed passion for medicine. I still love emergency medicine, but I am excited about transitioning from strictly working in the sick care model of medicine to helping people on their journey to optimal health.

I have found that the biggest needs are in weight loss and mental health and have made these my focus. I created the “Metabolic Optimization Method” to help busy parents lose weight and feel healthier.

I also partnered with The Modern Ketamine Clinic to offer cutting edge therapies to help people with resistant depression and other difficult to treat mental health conditions.

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